Jenkins Remote Access API call

Hey folks, I’m trying to figure out whether it’s possible to get RBAC data users from a single API call.

After some investigations, I found an interesting endpoint to fetch data that scrape from "class": "hudson.model.View$AsynchPeople$People" by running curl -v http://<jenkins_url>:8080/asynchPeople/api/json?depth=1 --user <userID>:<tokenID> -H "Content-Type: application/json"

  • Here an output example:
    { "lastChange": 1681746054743, "project": { "_class": "org.jenkinsci.plugins.workflow.job.WorkflowJob", "name": "esg-app-third-party", "url": "https://<jenkins_url>/job/DEV/job/ESG/job/esg-app-third-party/" }, "user": { "absoluteUrl": "https://<jenkins_url>/user/name_of_employee", "fullName": "name_of_employee" } },

As you can see, I fetched just a few information but the main topic here it’s to get RBAC infomation.
Also I tried with adding tree or/and xPath as described into official doc but gotta same result.
There is any kind of solution/workaround to get this information?

Thanks in advice.