Idea: Commercial Support / Vendors

Discussion in today’s Docs Office Hours noted that there may be more categories or types of commercial entities involved in Jenkins deployments. We wondered if they should be included in this list as well. Some specific examples:

Cloud providers

Package providers

Should any of those be included in that page or do you want to limit it to vendors that offer commercial support for Jenkins installations?

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I don’t know if that would fit with Gavin’s initial definition/idea which was (at least, that’s the way I understood it) about consultancy, but I do think these help spreading Jenkins, so they should have a place in that list (and a specific label).
My $0.02.

My initial reasoning is I want somewhere to point to when open source volunteers can’t magine it. So that could mean “I need to do a deep dive into this problem” “We can give you some time” “i need more time” “okay, then you should use one of these vendors”

Cloud providers should fit into that just fine, assuming they actually do the install and stuff

Those cloud providers kinda work. But they are more of a tutorial rather than a vendor. Its why i was thinking of filters.

That is firmly a tutorial pointing to so I don’t think its a vendor.

Has a support link, and they package it themselves, so I kinda feel like they are a free vendor.

Its the entire point of this thread though, just to get ideas and see where it leads.


Oh hosted solution might be another worthwhile feature to list. I know cloudbees hasn’t done it for a while but wonder if any pm vendors provide a managed solution

Custom plugins maybe?

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Added a vendor profile page.

Apparently cloudbees is involved with 255 plugins with 22 members.

Not sure what else to do as a prototype without getting more data or help.

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Some of these are misleading because some bees maintain plugins that are not supported by CloudBees. I don’t think there’s a way to generically obtain this information at the moment (Oleg and I discussed adding vendor maintainership to RPU a long time ago, but it never went anywhere).

Note that you could use the username/display name mapping from to show people names rather than user IDs (like the plugin site). Showing raw user names isn’t that useful because GitHub users might be different, so best you could do is find the Jira profiles.

Could always hide the “advanced” filters section and show it on click or something.

While interesting in terms of what can be done, I am not sure we’ll have enough content to make fixed fields like “custom builds” or languages worth it over a freeform description provided and maintained by each vendor. Some content is also a bit more complicated – I think (unsure, not what I work on) CloudBees does not provide support when you’re a customer, but running just Jenkins. It needs to be our “custom builds” like CloudBees CI etc. So “ support custom builds” would not paint the complete picture and cause disappointment at worst. I’d start by collecting content from or about vendors and if we see patterns emerge, that’s where filters might be useful.

there may be more categories or types of commercial entities involved in Jenkins deployments

What’s the use case here? Because unless they can actively help people, it’s just docs how to make Jenkins work on their platform by buying the most amount of services they offer. Would they help you with Jenkins, or would they only help you with installing/running Jenkins on their platform? If the latter, presumably you’re already their customer, no? So why would this page be needed?

Oh hosted solution might be another worthwhile feature to list.

No other vendor is a member of the Jenkins security team, so any hosted Jenkins solution sounds like a crazy idea we should not support.

Custom plugins maybe?

This could be a very interesting category (or, if freeform, something to check with vendors / invite such companies to be present here).

@ewelinawilkosz agreed in governance board meeting today that she’ll share the link with other organizations. She has some contacts with organizations that provide consulting for Jenkins implementations.

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yea that didn’t work as well as I wanted. I think community members are worth it, but automatically populating plugins and stuff isn’t going to work well. It can be manually managed i think. Also could list sigs then.

I want to avoid freeform data so that a) its easy to clean up, b) consistent, and c) no marketing. But not strong enough to prevent it, just didn’t like how messy Jenkins : Commercial Support ended up being

Thats very exciting

@MarkEWaite or @danielbeck is the list of cloudbees plugins listed somewhere? Thinking about updating at c7a2d81924f741e93fb919a2cd6c170ef3548e72 · halkeye/ · GitHub

I could probably just grab the plugins that have the team, but not certain thats a good list. Search · cloudbees-developers · GitHub

I don’t think that exists publicly in an easily parsed format. CloudBees Docs is the CloudBees plugin site which indicates supported plugins (Tier 1 or Tier 2), perhaps you can find a way to parse that.

Okay, pulled in a list of plugins via ag cloudbees-developers ~/git/jenkins-infra/repository-permissions-updater/permissions | awk -F: '{print $1}' | sort | uniq | xargs cat | grep name | cut -c7-

Updated it to list the manual list of plugins, and make both members and plugins pull names from metadata.

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Note that this is just ~20 plugins, and not a single Pipeline plugin is listed. If that’s just for the demo site and not meant to be real, it’s no problem, unless we are concerned about how well such a list would scale. The real list is probably about 10x as long (even longer if you want to list proprietary plugins, which are a major value add for some – the current demo does not explain what plugins are being listed).

I want to list community contributions. I can make that more clear. I don’t want to advertise for a vender. Just get someone looking for a vendor some comparable information

While experimenting with the site, there were some further questions that were raised. The questions included:

  • Could the “certification” text on the vendor page be a hyperlink to vendor certification site?
  • Could the “training” text on the vendor page be a hyperlink to vendor training?
  • Could a list of products and their matching links be included?

The wiki page had description text that helped the reader of the page understand the company. For example, it noted that several of the companies were consultancies that offered training courses and implementation help. Could a sentence or a few sentence paragraph be included that describes the company in a general sense?

Short answer: yes

Do you want to come up with some examples, even fake? Otherwise i’ll see what I can put together this weekend.

I’m happy to create some examples. May not be ready by the weekend, but will try.