Governance Meeting - July 25, 2022


July 25, 2022

Participants: Mark Waite, Basil Crow, Ewelina Wilkosz, Daniel Beck, Kevin Martens, Bruno Verachten


  • News
  • Action items
    • Mark Waite to find and finish Linux Foundation transfers from GSoC 2021
      • No progress, change in LF staffing, new contact to be provided by Fatih
      • Money is believed to be still in the account
      • Funds also at SPI - Oleg investigating the disposition of those funds
    • Mark Waite to use for the Jenkins Docs SIG mailing list
      • Announce the change and make the existing list read-only
      • Gavin investigated importing a mailing list, export is easy, import requires that we ask for help from the Discourse, complicated set of steps
        • Not worth the effort
    • Mark Waite to create blog post summary of the Contributor Summit at cdCon
    • Mark Waite to create blog post of She Code Africa Contributhon results
    • Mark Waite request full access to the CDF Zoom account for Jenkins
      • Assure that we can add new users to the Zoom account
      • Moving to Bevy enterprise account in CDF
        • ,
        • Can host meetings like Zoom on Bevy
        • Can not host Webinars like Zoom on Bevy
        • Can create multiple chapters (similar to meetup groups)
          • Each working group has their own chapter on Bevy
        • Needs further discussion with Fatih and with Michelle Martineau
        • Join the community groups channel on CDF slack to ask there
    • Gavin Mogan create a proposal to hire a writer to reduce and remove Blue Ocean
  • Blue ocean admonition for user handbook and tutorials - Mark Waite
  • Embeddable build status plugin bundles proprietary font - Mark Waite
    • Release has been delivered that removes the proprietary font
    • Release is done, plugin is still on, better maintained than before
  • Forums and community topics - Mark Waite