Moving Jenkins is the Way stories and case studies to

I’m starting this thread here to track conversations and progress of moving content from (currently hosted on to

Huge THANK YOU to @halkeye for his work on this.


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I’m obviously not a lawyer, but is it a good idea to add images referencing intellectual property of one of the most litigious companies in the world to

Hi @danielbeck - we can certainly leave it out. When we collect the stories we do ask folks whether we can use their logo. If they say ‘no’ we do not use it. Which logo are you referring?


They are a (the!) Mickey Mouse corporation.

Ha! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Noted. Thank you! :blush:

also took me a bit to understand the code here, but assuming I do, its already on Jenkins Artwork and on the front banner on, its not new. Though I agree, a couple of the jenkins logos might be issues with them

Aww man, just when I thought I was doing a decent job at converting posts from freeform to machine parsable.

Jenkins is the way to achieve a fast pace and deliver value through automation – Jenkins has “Team:”


Jenkins is the way to do things quickly, simply and in a powerful way – Jenkins has “Team members” with some prefix text

one post has === Submitted by Jenkins User while another has === Submitted By Jenkins User

making progress cleaning up the data though. won’t be 100% but will get us mostly there.

Making this more machine parsable (for applying templates) might not be the best answer, but I think I’m close enough I’m still gonna try

@alyssat can you fix Jenkins is the way to cast magic of continuous delivery – Jenkins

Programming Language: Java, Python, Vue.js Platform : Android, iOS, Linux Version Control System: Gitlab Build Tool: Python

so the headers are different lines?

I think the rest of the inconsistencies I can handle myself.

I’ll get a draft up with all the parsed data soon, then start working on the layout again (would love help with the haml/html if anyone is better at CSS than me)

Rough draft of the data import - Jenkins is the way Import by halkeye · Pull Request #4828 · jenkins-infra/ · GitHub

@oleg-nenashev brought up:

So we could keep and make it a standalone static site as well.

It doesn’t make a lot of difference to me yet, as I still gotta convert and present the data. Presenting in (haml) isn’t that much different than gatsby (react) once everything is in place.

Gotta figure out a way to parse out the quote so I can style it, but looking good so far

Hi @halkeye I’m assuming the item you wanted me to fix is the 2 headlines (screenshot) below? If it helps we can remove the “Jenkins is the way to cast magic of continuous delivery” line. My apologies for not seeing this sooner.

Actually it’s the key values (Programming Language, Platform, Version Control System, etc) all on one line instead of split up like the rest of them


Gotcha. I’ll break them up into separate lines so they look consistent with other stories. Thank you.

Fixed :slight_smile:

I think it’s good enough.

Moving onto the front page and the map

Oh wow, this totally… wow

This isn’t actually the latest user stories, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to pull this list, but its like a month old.

@alyssat @MarkEWaite

More or less done. You can tell my urge to clean up the CSS got less and less as I went :slight_smile:

  1. Individual page - Jenkins is the way to improve railway signaling solutions
  2. Root - Jenkins - User Story Library
  3. Map - Jenkins - User Story Library
  4. All - Jenkins - User Story Library

It def needs some polishing work but I don’t see me touching it again before next weekend (booster is making me so sleepy)

Thank you @halkeye for this, this is great! Hope you’re recovered from the booster :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
If I would like to remove the items (as seen in the X) should I remove that content from WordPress?

Nah that content is custom. Only the stories themselves are migrated. My plans got canceled so I should be able to handle that real quick tonight