Documentation office hours - Feb 17, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Zainab Daodu , Alyssa Tong (@alyssat )


  • Jenkins is the Way content merge for - Gavin
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Timeline reminder for Mark Waite
      • Project ideas need to be submitted before end of February
      • Jude Wellington is working the agreement for CloudBees funding
        • CloudBees funding is approved internally at CloudBees
      • Still need mentors, open to more project ideas
        • Mark to continue recruiting and promoting
    • Project ideas posted to
  • News
    • Jenkins 2.335 released with UI improvements and systemd based Linux installer
      • Bug reports are arriving from the UI improvements
      • Bug reports are expected on the Linux installer
    • Jenkins 2.332.1 is coming - March 9, 2022 LTS release
      • UI improvements “phase 1” (plugin manager, tables, etc.)
      • Need a changelog and an upgrade guide
      • First review of a draft next week
  • Adding a “Troubleshooting” page
    • Answers to frequently asked questions
    • See the Gavin Mogan question on
      I want to make a canned response / page about “It looks like you are having trouble running something locally vs inside of jenkins” with tips on how to compare the results of printenv/export/etc. if i were to put it on, where would i put it, and what would be a good header/title?
      • Wiki has a page like that - can reuse the content
      • Proposed to add “Troubleshooting” page into “System Administration”
      • Should it be an entirely different section in the user guide?
      • Nice pull request to start that move (Zainab)
        • Create the new Troubleshooting section
        • Move existing page content to the new location
        • Redirect those two existing pages to the new location
          • See content/welcome.adoc for a redirect example file
            • /doc/book/troubleshooting/diagnosing-errors/ as the redirect destination

The repository size is already over 1Go, might benefit from some git history pruning. (Large files commited in the past)

Thanks for noting the error. When I use du -s -h . in a bare, recently garbage collected clone of the repository, I see that it uses 512M, not 60M like I reported.

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