Documentation office hours - Apr 22, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Meg McRoberts (@StackScribe). Kristin Whetstone (@kwhetstone )


  • News
    • Crowdin Enterprise
      • Translation for Jenkins plugins and eventually for Jenkins core
      • Mark to propose a Jenkins Online Meetup
      • Jenkins user @NotMyFault has done the exploration
      • Thanks to Crowdin for donating an enterprise license
  • Jenkins 2.332.3 LTS changelog and upgrade guide
    • Release candidate is built and being tested
    • Mark to write the changelog, submit the pull request
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • 3 projects and a project manager (Nafeesat Jimoh)
    • Mark presenting a tutorial on Git and GitHub on Saturday
    • Inclusive naming - “master” → “controller”, “slave” → “agent”, etc.
    • Pipeline help - same project as last year
    • Screenshot update
      • Running Jenkins weekly for screenshots
    • Completed community bonding, started project work
    • Project work for 4 weeks, then a 2 week end of project
    • Short on number of mentors on the Slack channel
      • Kevin Martens
      • Bruno Verachten
      • Angelique
    • Meetings weekly, working with them as they learn
  • Next LTS baseline selection proposed to delay 2-4 weeks
    • Many UI regressions, many resolved in 2.344 this week
    • Active steps to reduce regressions before choosing the baseline
    • Delay all releases through the rest of 2022 by 2 weeks
      • Proposal not yet accepted, hope to be accepted
  • Google Summer of Code status
    • Review period now, potential mentors review and comment on proposals
    • 2-3 weeks for that, then org admins submit our proposed priorities, mentor lists, and request for number of slots to Google
    • Google chooses the projects they will fund, announce, then projects start
  • Google Season of Docs
    • Proposal period closed, Mark Waite intentionally decided not to do it
    • Mark is focusing on helping Kevin Martens ramp into the Jenkins project
  • Where to place upgrade instructions?
    • Current status
    • Surprising the level of complexity
      • Many mistakes to correct in existing behaviors
      • Many ways to make mistakes when upgrading
  • Governance board decision on the logo change for
    • Raise our voice against the war in Ukraine