I need contribution guide for GSOC 2023


About me
– I am piyush bakde.I am working as a software engineer in a fintech company called phonepe.

What do I do?
– Having almost 2 years of working experience in software development.
– I have been working in java, javascript, and its technologies and frameworks.
– I want to start my journey into open-source contribution and I m very interested in contributing to your organization’s projects.
– I have been going through some remarkable projects of your organization which are mostly based on automation and server side stack.
– Also i have started looking some good first issues in popular repository called jenkin.
– My future goal is to contributing in your organization’s project and be a part of your community.

– I would like to start my contribution to your interesting projects as soon as possible.
– It is my humble request to you please provide me respected contribution guide so I can start my contribution.

– I hope to hear from you very soon.

Email: piyush.bakde94@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards
Piyush bakde

Welcome Piyush,

Contributing is indeed a very good way to acquire experience and grow as a professional. And it helps build an improved product.

A good way to get into the saddle and start riding is to look at the “Hacktoberfest 2022 @ Jenkins” guidance and in particular how to how to find newbie issues to solve.

Another good way to start exploring and build your “contribution muscle” is to read and follow the advise of the “Improve a plugin tutorial”.

/- Jmm

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Thanks @Jmm for this quick guide, i am going through “Hacktoberfest 2022 @ Jenkins” , and starting working on it.

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