How to trigger Jenkins job by email?

Hi, I need to provide the ability for a remote user to trigger a Jenkins job by email. Certain user data, included as an email attachment, must be passed to the job when it is executed. Is that possible with Jenkins?

Not something I’ve heard of. You’d probably want some sort of service to process the email, then post to a url. Otherwise you can search and see if there’s any existing plugin.

There is a discussion on Stack Exchange that offers a way to run a program from a Unix mail daemon. That might be one way to do it.

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The question is WHY? Why you try this way. I am pretty sure there are some security reason why the user can not access jenkins. And you want broke it. When you use i5 in this way you cannot work securely it opens new ways for attacks. One of the really good things in jenkins is security. Please do not open some backdoor. It might be very strange for you.

Just POV from security.

There’s all kinds of reasons one might want to trigger by email. Maybe some legacy system sends an email report every day, sand they want to build a newer system that takes those reports and does something with them.

@mPokornyETM please don’t jump to conclusions and tell someone they are wrong without knowing details. Its fine to say “be careful this could lead to security issues” and they can follow up. They are not wrong for doing something that fits thier needs.


Sorry, maybe it was too hard. I want just mention, that it can be security leak. I try, next time :wink:, be more friendly.