How do I use Jenkins to perform manual activities and report the progress to Jira?

I am looking to use Jenkins to automate a workflow that contains manual and automated tasks. For manual tasks I would like to send an email to the person performing the task (or some other form of communication). I would also like those tasks to flow using rules such as, do task a after tasks b and c as completed. I have a feeling this is fairly common stuff but I’m looking for a tutorial (youtube) to walk me through how to do it, and report the workflow steps back to Jira. Be kind, I’m new to Jenkins but I do know there are Jira/Jenkins plug-ins.

What does a manual task mean to you? Do you mean just like “enter a command to run” and the user goes “make deploy” and “make deploy” is run, and updates jira?

It could be anything, like, sweep the floor email being sent out by Jenkins, floor swept reply to Jenkins, transaction recorded in Jira. The Jira/Jenkins part is handled by a plug-in, I get that, and I’ve seen cases where the emails were sent and received. I just don’t know how to do it in Jenkins.

Making jenkins some sort of UI for jira is certainly doable, I can’t imagine is a very common operation, as jira has its own super powerful and customizable ui. Plus jenkins is really about running software tasks.

If you want to do it, I would take a look at adding a new job, with a parameter describing what was done, and then using the jira plugin and its docs for how to update jira.

Thanks for the answer. I’m thinking of a partially automated pipeline with Jira managing the workflow. In the say that testing isn’t fully automated, User Testing is performed by humans. Can we have Jira trigger Jenkins to send an email kicking off the User Testing, and then have Jenkins reply to Jira the result of the test?