Jenkins Pipeline Remote Trigger

Trying to remote trigger a Jenkins pipeline using curl and for authentication, passing an AD user name and API token generated in Jenkins for that user. Also tried using the AD user name and password for authentication.

The current status of the following remote trigger pipeline test is “HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized”

Commands used:
curl -vk --user AD User:API token http://jenkinsurl/job/job-name/build?token=API TOKEN

curl -vk --user AD User:AD Password http://jenkinsurl/job/job-name/build?token=API TOKEN

Note: The above given URI works well when logged on to the Jenkins console from the browser with single sign-on. When I put this above given URI on a separate browser tab, the job gets triggered remotely without the need for triggering it manually.

How to trigger the pipeline remotely in this scenario from the command line successfully?