Remote Trigger Jenkins Pipeline using curl which is enabled with Single sign-on Authentication

Remote trigger Jenkins pipeline with and without parameters from my desktop using curl.

Jenkins Authentication: The Jenkins authentication is of a Single sign-on and can login successfully with my AD user name and I’m part of appropriate AD group that let me login which has admin level privilege. This user also has an API token generated to use with the command line to trigger the Jenkins pipeline remotely.

Test Pipeline configuration: Under Build Triggers, enabled “Trigger builds remotely” and an authentication token being used.

Commands: Executed the following commands from my desktop

curl -vk --user : API token http://jenkinsurl/job/job-name/build?token=TOKEN

curl -vk --user :API token http://jenkinsurl/job/job-name/buildWithParameters?token=TOKEN

Issue: HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized (Same error output for all the above commands)

Note: I can successfully run the above commands on a local Jenkins that I am running with Docker for windows on my desktop and trigger the pipeline remotely but there is no SSO authentication on this Jenkins and using the Jenkins default admin user for testing.

Not sure if any other configuration to be updated or plugin to be enabled.