Trigger emails from Jenkins after validating a HTML Response


I have a GET api URL → http://{Project_IP}/{app_name}/ServiceQueueMonitorServlet?Action=retrieve and from that I am getting a HTML Response :


I need to trigger email when the value is greater than 100.

I need to perform this using Jenkins. Please suggest if anyone has any thoughts on that
It would be great if we can do it without using Groovy.

Hello @papaSam and welcome to this community :wave:

If you don’t want to get the Groovy way, you could do it with a sh step.
The xmllint command would give you the result you’re expecting, and you could then use this result to trigger your email sending.
xmllint is not installed by default, but if you’re using a Linux agent, it’s available for almost all architectures/Linux distros in the libxml2-utils package or equivalent.

Is it possbile by using HttpRequest?

I’m sure you can use HttpRequest, but you would have to use Groovy, which you wanted to avoid, am I right?
You could do everything with a bash script using curl and xmllint.