How to test pre-release jenkins plugin

I want to test jenkins plugin github pre-release version, how to test and where I can download that pre-release plugin and test ?

Assuming it’s your package from the other thread

mvn package

Upload the artifact to your jenkins.

Otherwise switch your update center - Publishing Experimental Plugin Releases

06:56:58 HttpMethod: POST
06:56:58 Content-Type: application/json
06:56:58 Authorization: *****
06:56:58 Sending request to url: incremental url
06:56:58 Response Code: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
06:56:58 Response:
06:56:58 Invalid archive retrieved from Jenkins, perhaps the plugin is not properly incrementalized?
06:56:58 Error: ZIP error: Error: Bad archive from**/*c8c84f022184*/*c8c84f022184*/*zip*/
06:56:58 Success: Status code 400 is in the accepted range: 100:599
it seems site is down, unable to see artifact in jenkins

See the guide on development with incrementals at:

I’ve submitted a pull request that may help. The plugin does not appear to have incrementals enabled, though it has the .mvn directory that is required.

I’ve submitted a pull request to correct the mistake I made in the first pull request.

ok no problem, I have merged your changes in master branch

Added Jenkins pre release plugin unable to see in this file

any idea ?

did you make a mvn release with beta as the url? like what did you do that you are expecting it to work?

no, I didn’t do mvn release, it means publish package ? I am seeing hpi file created by jenkins master [Plugins » qualys-iac-security-plugin] [Jenkins], So I am expecting update-center.json should have my plugin details like link to hpi file

The concept of the experimental update center is not used for plugins that are delivering incremental builds. Users that want to test an incremental build can either install the incremental build of the plugin from or place the version details of the incremental build in the plugins.txt file that they use to manage their plugin versions.

The experimental update center is used for plugins that have not implemented incremental builds.