Trying to merge into our jenkinsci repo but the PR checks are failing

This is my first time trying to merge our plugin fork into our jenkinsci repo and none of the people who worked on this in the past work for the company anymore, to I’m pretty lost.

The PR checks are giving me the “No test report files were found. Configuration error?” error message. As far as I know we don’t have any unit test nor have we ever. Which makes sense given the error, but how can I work around it?

It looks like a compile error:

Retry after fixing it.

I think javafx is complicated in 11

We’re targeting 1.8, does the build process override that?

the buildPlugin() function will build in both 8 and 11. You want to continue to target 8, but support 11. At some point jenkins will move to 11. If you really only want to support 8 there are ways to pass parameters to buildPlugin but as I don’t think its recommended, you’ll have to figure that out.

I highly recommend making things work in 8 and 11.

The errors I was reading was a misunderstanding on my part. It was SpotBugs warnings that were failing the build.

Now we have all checks passing except “continuous-integration/jenkins/pr-merge”. It’s been in the “Expected” status for 13hrs and merge button is greyed with message “Required statuses must pass before merging”