Solving "failing Parent Pom upgrade from 4.51 to 4.52" cheatsheet

If you are like me,

  • wondering why your dependabot PR builds are suddenly failing,
  • unsure of the full implications of the latest plugin parent pom upgrade,
  • and fear to waste time solving a problem that others have already solved,
  • don’t trust your memory when having several plugins to maintain.

Here are my notes on how to move ahead.

Easily overlooked, the bump of plugin from 4.51 to 4.52 has a breaking change. The plugin build toolchain now requires at least Java 11 and at least Jenkins 2.361.


  • Make sure to use the correct Jenkins baseline
  • Disable builds with Java 8


In the plugin’s pom.xml,

  • Update the parent.pom (in the <parent> section) to 4.52
  • Change the Jenkins base version (<jenkins.version> property) to 2.361.4
  • Make sure that 2.361.x BOM is used (<artifactId>bom-2.361.x</artifactId> and <version>1723.vcb_9fee52c9fc</version>)
  • Make sure that the pom.xml doesn’t force a Java 1.8 compilation

Make sure that Jenkinsfile specifies builds with the supported JDKs. (Relying on unknown defaults can bite you.) Your Jenkinsfile should look like this:

   useContainerAgent: true,
   configurations: [
      [platform: 'linux', jdk: 17],
      [platform: 'windows', jdk: 11],

If you don’t find the above mentioned elements in the pom.xml of the plugin you maintain, it is probably up for some tidying and “modernization”. See the Improve a Plugin Tutorial for hints.

If you have doubts or this checklist doesn’t work for you, don’t hesitate to discuss the matter on the developer mailing list.

/- Jmm


Thanks a lot for this cheatsheet Jean-Marc, that will help for sure plugin maintainers.
I’ve done a few plugin upgrades this week with this checklist, and it worked for most of them.