How can I get Jenkins 2.361.4 to upgrade Jenkins version from Jenkins 2.346.3 on Red Hat 7

I actually just had a blog post published this week with a 10,000 ft view of the upgrade process. My experience is in RHEL8… You might benefit from experience, i tried to document all the references that I used:

Feel free to post back with further questions.

You should plan your upgrade to a new operating system as soon as you can.

The Jenkins project will stop supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its derivatives with the Nov 15, 2023 release of Jenkins 2.426.1. Refer to the blog post for more details.

The Red Hat public support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 will end June 30, 2024. Customers that need support after June 30, 2024 can purchase a special support plan from Red Hat.

The Jenkins project only provides security fixes for the most recent weekly and the most recent LTS. Jenkins 2.361.4 has been superseded by many releases. The most recent release is Jenkins 2.414.3. There are known security vulnerabilities in Jenkins 2.361.4 that are resolved in Jenkins 2.414.3

Good morning, Mark!

Thank you very much for your response, I really appreciate it, I will plan with OS as well. I am a new in Jenkins and planning upgrade to newer version. If you have any instructions to upgrade to particular version will be very helpful for me. When I tried to upgrade by default it is installing latest version. Java on latest version is 17 on my Jenkins is 8 so it is not going to work.

Jenkins does not run on Java 8 beginning with Jenkins LTS 2.361.1. This is a good excuse to install a new computer, restore a backup of your existing Jenkins, then perform the upgrade to the new Jenkins version. Keep the old computer available and running while you evaluate the new computer and new Jenkins version.

Sorry, I didn’t see it before, I will reach out to you if I have any questions, it is more clear for me. Have a great day!

Hello, Mark, I hope you are doing well. Last time when I upgraded to latest version I got this error:

That paragraph says that the operating system won’t be supported very soon. Why spend your effort upgrading on an operating system that will soon be unsupported by the Jenkins project and in less than 9 months will be unsupported by the operating system vendor?

Spend your effort configuring a new operating system with a new computer.

The version of systemd that is available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its derivatives is known to be too old for the Jenkins systemd installer. Upgrading that system is wasting time that would be better spent preparing a new operating system where you restore the backup of your existing Jenkins.

Hello, Mark,

Upgrading OS is out of scope of my team, responsible team is just planning it, but I need to upgrade Jenkins to resolve vulnerability issues, any suggestions how to resolve this situation?

I think you should tell the team that is responsible for OS upgrades that in 7 days the Jenkins project will stop supporting Jenkins on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and its derivatives like CentOS.

They will probably grumble now and thank you later when they learn how many others in the organization are using a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 derivative.

You could also invite the team that is responsible for OS upgrades to submit the security exception request for the Jenkins controller since they can’t provide you an operating system promptly. That may inspire them to provide the new machine sooner.