Jenkins upgrade path - Need Details

Hi All,
We are planning to upgrade our Jenkins tool to the latest LTS version. Below are the details about our current version and platform. Also we have lot of plugins installed on this server, hence we are looking to implement a smooth upgrade without impacting plugins compatibilities.

Can someone suggest the upgrade path to make this successful.

Current version: Jenkins 2.263.2
Platform: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.9

Thank you,

263 is about 100 weeks older than current lts. It might be worth spinning up a new server, reinstalling the latest versions of plugins, then trying to copy the jobs over.

But the guide will walk you through all the things you need to do between LTS versions

Hi Gavin - Thank you for your response on this.
So if we spin up a new server and install the latest LTS on that, What is the process to copy jobs over to this new server from old server. Also what happens to inside configurations on the jobs if we copy the jobs over, like we have lot of plugin integration (Ex: Source code urls with branches, Execute shells, SonarQube, UDeploy etc… ), Do we get all the existing configurations and history if we copy over?

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They should. Job config and history is stored in the jobs folder of jenkins home. You could copy it to a new instance. If that doesn’t work, then roll back to your backup

The safest way is to follow the upgrade guide and do one lts at a time.