Jenkins Upgrade/Migration

Hi Community members,
We are planning to upgrade/migrate our Jenkins instance and would like to know details about the best approach to go this smooth.
Current version of Jenkins: version 2.263.3
Platform: Amazon Linux
Java version on the server: java version “1.8.0_162”

Here we are planning to spin up the new Amazon linux EC2 and install latest LTS version and then need to migrate all the jobs over from old instance to new instance.

Can someone please provide the best approach to perform this activity successful. We wanted to migrate all the jobs and need to keep all the plugins as it is without losing the configurations inside the jobs.

Thank you,

Hello @vasanthareddypvl and welcome to this community :wave: .

Are you using Jcasc and Job DSL?

Please note that you must use a JDK11 for latest LTS (as per Jenkins requires Java 11 or newer).

For guidance, the official Jenkins Docker Image is using (when writing these lines) the JDK “Eclipse Temurin” from Adoptium version (as per docker/Dockerfile at 95876b1697ef583ec8c14589ae9afafba4699aa0 · jenkinsci/docker · GitHub).

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