GSOC contribution application

Hello Jenkins Team,

I am writing this message to express my interest in contributing to Jenkins projects in GSOC 2023 program. I am currently practicing for DevOps and I have to scale up my skills further and Jenkins is an excellent platform for me to develop my skills further.

I have reviewed the project list and believe that I have the necessary technical skills to contribute to 6 projects out of 10. I am particularly interested in the following projects,
→ Jenkins Configuration as Code (JCasC) drift detector.
→ Add probes to “Plugin Health Score”.
→ Exponential backoff and jitter for agent reconnections.
→ Docker based Jenkins quickstart examples.
→ GitLab Plugin Modernization.
→ Plugin installation Manager Tool Improvements.

I am eager to explore these projects in greater detail and am confident that I can make meaningful contributions to their success. And will be happy to make more comtributions further with the Jenkins Community.

Thank you for considering my intrest in contributing to Jenkins projects. Last thing I want to say is that I have to make my career in open source only therefore I will not show laziness and will give my 100% efforts in building the projects.

Best regards,
Utsav Sutariya.