Give replay access to all users

Jenkins setup: Version 2.395. Using Jenkins docker image (Linux host).

Hi. I am using the matrix-based security to give users different access.
Authorization > Matrix-based security

Anyway, I want to give replay access to all users but cannot find a way to do this.
First, I thought giving access to Anonymous or Authenticated users would affect to all users.
But found out it doesn’t.

Do I have to add all users in the matrix to give access?
I want to know if there is a way to group some users and give them the same access all at once.

Thank you.

You probably don’t want to give replay permissions to anonymous ( it allows arbitrary editing of the pipeline before replaying !) It could also be that replay also requires additional rights like job/configure to really function as intended.

You can check for the needed rights. IE.g. if the job is not using the groovy sandbox, then only users with admin rights can replay.