Restricting visibility of Jenkins jobs to specific users


We are using Jenkins version 2.401.3. Number of teams are using the Jenkins. Can you please advice how to restrict the Jenkins jobs to other users. Please help on this ASAP.

There are 2 plugins for managing authorization on project/folder level
Matrix auth and Role Strategy
(When you use Microsoft Entra ID (previously Azure AD) you should use the project matrix auth that comes with it).


Thanks for the update.
I observed both plugins are already installed in my Jenkins
Can you please clarify on below things.

  1. How we restrict the users to see other jobs. ex: we created test folder in console he need to see only that jobs in that. But users are seeing other jobs also. how to restrict?

  2. can you please provide details steps to restrict the visibulity

you can only use one of the plugins.
Check in Mange Jenkins → Security which you’re using.

In matrix auth you grant global permissions under Manage Jenkins → Security and you can grant permissions on each folder/job individually. To access something you the permissions Item/Read is required.

Usually if this is granted globally it means the user/group with this permission can access all jobs/folders. So to avoid that a user can see everything that permission must not be granted to that user.

With role strategy you find under Manage Jenkins an own link where you define permissions for roles and then you assign users/groups to the roles.

You should check the plugin pages for more details