Migrating From Matirx Based securtiy to Project Based Matrix

Hi dear community, we are using Active Directory + Matrix Based security, but we need to show only selected views/jobs to seperate users and plan to migrate to Project Based Matrix Strategy. We have following questions/concerns.

  1. Is Project Based Matrix Strategy migration needed for view/jobs based access? or there is better way. Just hiding all and only showing selected to selected users will do the task.
  2. How we can plan migration strategy?
  3. In case of possible config issue we possibly will lock ourselves out from Jenkins?
  4. After migrating to Project Based strategy we will need to go to individual jobs and add users/groups? possible to do it from view?
  1. yes Project Based Matrix Strategy is required if you want to grant access to certain jobs only for certain users. Afaik, there is no access management for Views directly, so that you can restrict that certain views are only available to certain users.
    You can also use Rolestrategy plugin to achieve this, that might work better if your jobs follow certain patterns, e.g. all jobs ending with _test would be visible to everyone and jobs ending with _admin should be visible only to certain users.
  2. Setup a test Jenkins with your current setup and then test the migration there, so you know what needs to be done.
  3. That can always happen, but if you’re careful and first verify on your test instance, you should be fine. You can always modify the config.xml and then restart.
  4. Yes you will need to modify all jobs where you want to have individual permissions, script console might allow you to do mass changes (try this out on your test instance first)