Documentation office hours - Jan 27, 2022


  • News
    • Jenkins 2.332 has been selected as the next LTS baseline
      • Significant UI changes
      • Need early and extra effort on upgrade guide and changelog
        • Mark create the initial draft, review with others
    • Jenkins 2.319.3 release candidate is ready for test
      • Needs a changelog and upgrade guide
      • Quite simple
  • post to discuss She Code Africa Contributhon ideas
    • Include opportunities in Project/Program Management
      • OK if we include it in our proposal to have a mentor shadow Mark Waite
        • Do much of the work that Mark tried to do last year
        • Does not require coding skill
        • Does require some awareness of software lifecycle
        • Willing to be mentored on Jira and GitHub
    • Include opportunity for automated test design and implementation
      • Many, many places in Jenkins that would benefit from automated test improvement
      • Don’t have a mentor, a relatively rare skill in open source
        • Risk that we won’t have a mentor
        • Not have that position without an assigned mentor
      • Zainab ask an experienced software tester that she knows
    • See the notes from 2022-01-24 for more
    • Mark hopes to have it done by Friday end of his day
    • Any other types of projects interesting to She Code Africa participants
      • Technical writing - yes, include in the ideas
  • JEP for Java 8 end of support by Jenkins core

As we talked about in the past. My timezone doesn’t line up for direct mentoring, but can certainly help out. I would recommend reaching out to @saucelabs on twitter as I think they are still pro open source. I’ll reach out to my friends that work on appium and see if they know anyone in emca that would be interested in helping out.

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