Documentation office hours - Apr 7, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault), Elizabeth Okaome, Peace Okafor, Catherine Kiiru


  • News
  • Using Crowdin Enterprise for localization - Alex
    • Platform labeler has released with first localization
      • Working well for us
      • No issues for Mark at all
    • Approve the latest translations (Italian)
    • Next steps?
      • Use in more plugins (Mark has several)
      • Demonstrate in a Jenkins Online Meetup?
        • Generate more attention with an online meetup
        • Demonstrate what we’ve done in the Docs Office Hours
        • Crowdin has a tour and guide from the initial login
        • Better if we guide the audience through it, discuss and encourage
        • Mark propose an online meetup with Alex and Mark presenting
          • Assuming 4-6 weeks from now for final date
      • If we decide to adopt it more broadly, request an open source license
        • They support CNAME records, so could use
        • Better if get the open source license, then establish the site and use that in the demonstration
      • Integrate design library in the process, show
        • Include Tim in the demo and he can release the plugin
      • Open source license may require organization representative to submit
        • Mark start an email with the governance board after checking the license terms
        • Grant Alex manager access to the instance
  • Sponsored internships - Elizabeth Okaome
    • Not available at this time, Mark doesn’t have the capacity to do it
    • Sorry that won’t be able
  • She Code Africa Contributhon - Mark Waite
    • Started April 5, 2022
    • Project plan links available on
    • Meet the mentees
    • Startup activities for all projects
      • Download and run Jenkins
        • Download jenkins.war (LTS) file
        • Download and install Eclipse Temurin Java 11
        • Run java -jar jenkins.war
          • Works on Windows, Linux, macOs
          • Runs on a Raspberry PI
        • Open http://localhost:8080 to see your running Jenkins
      • Create a GitHub account
      • Create a account
        • Use your GitHub login to create the account
        • Create a development environment in Gitpod
        • Browser based IDE for documentation development
      • How to divide the work between the participants
        • Mark create a spreadsheet of Jenkins core and plugins
          • Sort by number of plugin installations
          • Must update the sheet before starting on a plugin
          • Mark could pre-assign a set of plugins to each person
          • No promise that we’ll get reviews and merge of the pull requests
            • Will ask the maintainers to review them
        • Each person (Peace, Catherine) enter their name next to a plugin when they are starting on that plugin
        • Clone the source code of the plugin
        • Search for problem strings in
          • HTML (replace them)
        • Commit them and submit a pull request with the change
        • Search for problem strings in
          • Jelly (mostly replace them)
          • Java (sometimes replace them)
          • Compile them, test them, commit them, and submit pull request
    • Planning our next meetings for She Code Africa projects
      • Inclusive naming project
        • Evening (start time of Docs office hours is OK)
        • Monday meet at this time for the Inclusive Naming project
          • Mark to schedule the calendar item
          • Mark invite both to the meeting (OK)
          • Invite Jimoh Nafeesat to the meeting as well
      • Project manager for blog post and coordination planning
      • Pipeline help project
      • Screenshot updates
  • Bi-weekly sessions to address general topics
    • Mark speak at a session about using GitHub to contribute to open source
      • Saturday April 23, evening Nigeria time
      • Using the web user interface
        • Pull requests and templates
        • Reviewing changes
        • Checks and continuous integration jobs
      • Using the gh command line
        • Forking a repository
        • Creating a pull request
        • Updating a repository

is there more to this sentence, or just mark is sorry that he’s too awesome and busy?

:grinning: The awkward truth is that Mark doesn’t have the capacity right now to request funding for sponsored internships and then to run the sponsored internships. She Code Africa Contributhon and Google Summer of Code are taking all the time that he has.

Mark is also justifying referring to himself in third person in this case because he spent years asking his twin children to stop referring to themselves in the third person. When at the dinner table describing her experience at school, Heidi would say, “Heidi had a test today”. The rest of us around the table would look at Heidi, say, “You’re Heidi” and then would ask her to stop speaking in third person.

Gavin speaks in the third person when gavin gets tired, It actually takes effort not to.

Gavin totally understands, gavin just wasn’t sure if it was a thought that didn’t get finished.