Documentation office hours - Apr 1, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Meg McRoberts, Dheeraj Singh Jodha (@dheerajodha), Kristin Whetstone (@kwhetstone)


  • News
  • Jenkins 2.332.2 changelog and upgrade guide
    • Next Wednesday is the release of 2.332.2
    • Mark started the work with Kevin Martens as a pair
    • Will ask for reviews within the next 24 hours
      • Mark will merge the changelog by Monday
    • No content in the upgrade guide
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Starting soon
    • Announced in social media recently, not yet seen an announcement to us
      • Jenkins project has been selected along with several others
      • Have not announced the selected participants
        • Who selects the participants?
          • She Code Africa selects them
      • Have not announced the start of “bonding period”
      • Project ideas were within typical Jenkins plugins
    • Can the participants use a hosted development environment (Gitpod)
      • Can use GitPod for plugin development and docs dev
      • Darin showed using it for Jenkins core
  • GSoC
    • Office hours start in 45 minutes
    • GSoC rules forbid participants (mentors, participants) from “embargoed countries”, including Russia, Belarus, North Korea, …
      • Residing in the embargoed country, not citizen of the embargoed country
    • Not seen any candidates or mentors that would be affected thus far
  • Open PR’s
  • Weekly changelog process
    • Review process seems to be OK (missed Dheeraj, but OK)
      • Mark’s observation was that process is working well
    • Tooling problem that pull requests “removed” were not in the changelog
      • Mark attempted a change to fix the tool (merged)
      • Mark pushed the missing entries into the old changelogs
    • Automatic changelog only considers the Jenkins core repository
      • That was fine until we implemented systemd in the installer
      • Those changes come from a different repository
      • Comments in the weekly changelog
    • Kevin Martens has agreed to do a weekly review
      • Other weekly changelog reviews are welcomed
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