Documentation office hours - Jan 31, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Dheeraj Singh Jodha (@dheerajodha) , Meg McRoberts, Kristin Whetstone


  • News
    • Weekly release planned for tomorrow, includes many changes
    • Chance it may be delayed one day for further changes
      • Some of the changes may be LTS backport candidates
    • LTS 2.319.3 scheduled for 9-10 days from now
    • GSoC project ideas and mentors are recruiting
  • Changing from Tuesday to Friday for this meeting?
    • Google Summer of Code office hours scheduled Friday 3:00 AM UTC
    • Mark Waite needs to be in both, propose moving Docs office hours from Tuesday 2:00 AM UTC to Friday 2:00 AM UTC
    • Approved - Mark update the calendar and with the change
  • Weekly changelog review
    • 6231 - needs links split into references after release, and move to the end
  • Google Summer of Code office hours this week
    • What discussions are allowed in the meeting?
      • Candidates can discuss ideas, review topics, etc.
      • Could show a demo in the office hours (atypical, but allowed)
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Project ideas posted to
      • Inclusive naming updates for popular plugins
        • Script security
        • Mailer
        • Credentials
        • JUnit
        • …
      • Screenshot updates for docs using 2.332.1 or later
      • Test the tutorials and report issues with the tutorials
      • Test automation improvements - convert JUnit 3 tests to JUnit 4
  • Linux installers switching from System V init to systemd
    • Documentation pull request submitted
    • Good opportunity to review the documentation and consider additions
  • Open PRs
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