Documentation office hours - Jan 10, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite) , Kristin Whetstone, Meg McRoberts, Dheeraj Singh Jodha


  • News
    • Weekly 2.329 - security release Wednesday Jan 12, 2022
      • No changelog for 2.329 release
      • No changes in 2.329 compared to 2.328 except the security fixes
    • LTS 2.319.2 - security release Wednesday Jan 12, 2022
      • A few minor backports
      • Security fixes
    • Preview environments
      • Gavin Mogan created the deploy facility using netlify
      • Thanks to netlify for sponsoring the project
    • Google Summer of Code planning and recruiting has started
      • See the blog post from Alyssa Tong & Jean-Marc Meessen
  • Review outstanding PRs
  • Google Summer of Code projects related to documentation
  • She Code Africa Contributhon
    • Timeline
      • April to May for the contributhon rather than March to April
    • Project ideas
      • Inclusive naming initiative in the Jenkins project
        • Confirm mentors for core and for the targeted plugins
      • Pipeline help improvements
        • Confirm mentors and plugin maintainers for the targeted plugins
      • Test automation - converting automated tests
        • Git plugin uses JUnit 3 tests, they need to be converted to JUnit 4
        • Other plugins have a similar need for JUnit 3 to JUnit 4 conversion
      • Fix multiple tutorials
        • Getting Started
          • include links to more details on each of the steps
      • Screenshot updates for
        • March 2.33x.1 will include significant UI updates
    • Webinar sessions sharing general sessions with participants
      • Informative for all those being mentored
        • Using GitHub effectively for open source contribution
        • Using Gitpod for web development or for Java development
        • Introduction to Markdown and Asciidoc
        • Creating better bug reports
      • Use the skills of the mentors to help all participants more generally
        • Git - fundamental skills
        • IDE configuration - fundamental skills
        • Gitpod - Java development through a web browser
        • Darin Pope’s five part modernizing a plugin video series (like this)
    • Funding
      • Recruiting companies to sponsor
      • Mark promoting sponsorship opportunities in the Jenkins community
    • Next steps
      • Mark send email announcement to Jenkins mailing lists
      • Mark start a She Code Africa Contributhon 2022
      • Mark revise the web site for 2022 event
      • Zainab share links to receive project ideas
      • Zainab send timeline details and the sponsorship deck
  • Improving a plugin post and site
    • Jesse Glick brief feedback
  • End of year review blog post
    • Needs more writing before the review

Unfortunately 2.329 was the additional weekly release that kicked off the day before (I think the infra team has a task to reliably prevent the regular release in the future), 2.330 was the release with security fixes.

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