Documentation office hours - May 20, 2022


2022-05-20 (Asia) - Disable docs mailing list, close outdated PRs


  • Mark Waite
  • Meg McRoberts
  • Kristin Whetstone


  • Disabling the docs mailing list, switch to for Docs SIG
    • Gavin Mogan provided a link to make the docs mailing list read-only
    • Confirmed agreed by both Meg and Kristin
  • Localization and internationalization progress report - Mark Waite
    • now has 8 plugins on the site
    • French localizations submitted by Bruno for all 8
    • Pull requests submitted
    • Mark and Darin will do a livestream on internationalizing Jenkins plugins
      • Sixth in the “Modernizing Jenkins plugins” video series
      • Embedded eventually on
    • Need to confirm that crowdin detects changes in the base string, requests a new translation of the revised message
      • Just had a case in Jenkins core where a translated string had been updated but the translations had not been invalidated
        • Announcing end of Java 8 support, changed the date to June 21
        • Corrected by deleting the translations
  • June LTS changelog, upgrade guide, and blog post - Kevin Martens
    • Needs review, needs a blog post announcing major changes
  • Require Java 11 epic and the documentation related tasks
  • She Code Africa Contributhon - Mark Waite
    • In the report phase, see Peace Okafor’s report
    • Inclusive naming, Pipeline help, Screenshot update, Project management
  • Outdated pull requests
    • Closed 3 outdated pull requests