Documentation office hours - Dec 22, 2022


2022-12-22 (EU/US)


  • Mark Waite
  • Kevin Martens
  • Bruno Verachten


  • Action items

    • Archive ‘WEBSITE’ component on Jira, focus on Github issues
      1. Ticket submitted by Alex Brandes to help desk
      2. Kevin reviewing and closing WEBSITE issues on Jira or creating GitHub issues (about 60/~100 so far)
    • Kevin - Archive docs mailing list, switch to for Docs SIG
      1. Still needs work done to get to a starting point
      2. This will be sometime in January
    • Blog posts to highlight
      1. Jean-Marc Messen’s blog for Google Summer of Code mentorship
      2. Basil Crow’s blog post on Jenkins plugin development with Java 11
    • No office hours next week, see you in two weeks
  • Pipeline Docker plugin possible future deprecation

    • Needs to be discussed further with Darin Pope and Damien Duportal to determine what changes/updates/removals need to happen. This will be something that is worked on starting in the new year.
  • December newsletter

    • Looking back at 12 months of Jenkins progress - what should we highlight?

    • Generating list to fill in any gaps that might be present in the newsletter (after SIG leaders submit their updates)

    • Themes and content for those themes

      1. Platform modernization
      • Require Java 11
      • Fully support Java 17
      • Migrate Linux installation packages from System V init to systemd
      • Staying on top of new backend dependency updates
      • Container images
        • New platform support (arm32, etc)
      • User experience improvements
      • Staying on top of new frontend dependency updates
      • Review the changelogs, upgrade guides, and blog posts
        • Icons, navigation, forms, tables
        • Notification designs
      • Vision presentation by Tim and Jan at DevOps World
      • Pipeline graph view plugin - visualize Pipelines without Blue Ocean
      1. Development acceleration
      • Upgrade many challenging dependencies (Jetty 9.x to 10.x, ANTLR 2.x to ANTLR 4.x, Handlebars 3.x to 4.x, Guice 5.0.x to 5.1.x, Yarn 1.x to 3.x, Jakarta imports for JavaMail and Eclipse Tyrus, ancient Maven plugins)
      • Reduce flakiness of core test suite
      • Improve automated test coverage (Windows, packaging, BOM)
      • Remove deprecated subsystems (JRuby, Java Web Start, agent installer modules)
      • Detach unnecessary dependencies (Commons HttpClient 3.x., instance-identity module, JavaMail, JNR)
      1. Web site improvements
      • Pipeline steps documentation improvements (GSoC)
      • Web site search
      • Plugins site (extract from the git history)
      1. Localization simplification
      • CrowdIn for plugin localization
      • Convert .properties files to UTF-8
      1. Outreach and advocacy
      • Elections
        • New board members
        • New and returning officers
      • New release leads
      • Community site
      • Google Summer of Code 2022
        • 4 projects successful
      • Hacktoberfest
        • Pull requests resolved
        • First time contributors and their data (100+ new contributors)
      • She Code Africa Contributhon 2022
        • 3 projects and a project manager (note it in the summary)
      • Stories site
      • Jenkins contributor summit
        • cdCon session
        • Earlier in the year?
      1. Security
      • Security advisories for core
      • Security advisories for plugins
      1. Infrastructure
      • Scaling
      • Multiple Kubernetes clusters and consistent, reliable upgrades
        • Azure
        • AWS
        • DigitalOcean
      1. sponsor contributions and how they are used
      • DigitalOcean donates $20k
      • New Jenkins mirrors
      • Ongoing support
        • JFrog Artifactory
        • GitHub
      • Release automation improvements
      • Java 19 on
    • Pull Requests of note

      1. 2.375.2 changelog & upgrade guide
      2. Web components for
      • Look and feel consistency across various sites
    • Pull Requests backlog

      1. Reducing the backlog in the new year
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