Documentation office hours - Jan 6, 2023


2023-01-06 (Asia)


  • Mark Waite
  • Kris Stern


  • Action items
    • Kevin - Archive docs mailing list, switch to for Docs SIG
      • Still needs work done to get to a starting point
      • This will be sometime in January
  • Google Summer of Code - Kris Stern
    • 10 project ideas gathered so far
      • 9 of the ideas need more work by contributors and mentors
      • May need better communication with potential mentors
    • Meeting coming soon (1-2 weeks from now)
      • Next Wednesday or Thursday
      • Org admins and can invite potential mentors
      • Refining project ideas, crystalize the ideas so that they are better prepared
        • Assemble more details for the mentees to start a project plan
      • Will be announced in Gitter and Discourse (
        • Kris discuss with Jean-Marc Meessen to plan, include Bruno
        • Notify everyone in advocacy and outreach
    • Some project ideas are documentation specific
      • Can spend time in this session improving those ideas
  • Pipeline Docker plugin possible future deprecation
    • Not likely to happen soon because of its wide use
    • Plugin is up for adoption
  • WMI Windows Agents deprecation
  • Archive ‘WEBSITE’ component on Jira, focus on Github issues
    • Ticket submitted by Alex Brandes to help desk
    • Kevin reviewing and closing WEBSITE issues on Jira or creating GitHub issues
      • Reviewed list, closed most, need to discuss remaining tickets.
      • Mark and Kris reviewed more tickets and closed several more, noted others that should be copied to GitHub issues
  • Pull Requests of note
  • Pull Requests backlog
    • Reducing the backlog in the new year
  • December newsletter - draft copy
    • 12 months of Jenkins progress