Documentation office hours - Mar 31, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault), Kevin Martens (@Kevin-CB), Elizabeth Okaome


  • News
  • Using Crowdin Enterprise for localization - Alex
    • Experience with platformlabeler and others
      • Mark’s attempt to localize some messages failed
        • Insufficient documentation on message extraction
        • One the messages included an embedded
        • Wiki docs warn that you can’t do that in a localized
        • Need to convert the wiki docs to
      • Mark’s attempt to use localized HTML has succeeded
        • Release has been delivered
        • Can check with Italian language platformlabeler
      • Next steps for Mark
        • Localize the messages in platformlabeler
          • Convert to Java properties
  • She Code Africa Contributhon - Elizabeth Okaome
    • Zainab managing the program this year
    • Processing applications, closing them very soon
    • Launching the program in April, running through May
    • Announced projects last night
      • Jenkins has been selected as partner (six)
  • Elizabeth is running a front-end, back-end development bootcamp
    • Bootcamp is a “women in tech” camp - free to participants
      • Ending next week
      • Selected 319 women from 600 applicants
        • Front end
        • Back end
        • Data science
        • Blockchain
      • Six different countries
    • Organization running the bootcamp is
    • Seeking internship opportunities in projects
      • Open to suggestions and partnerships with their team
    • Further discussion as a topic next week