Documentation office hours - Apr 21, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault)


  • News
    • LTS 2.332.3 RC is available
      • Needs the changelog and upgrade guide
  • Crowdin Enterprise
    • Need a CNAME record for as the location
    • Need a Jenkins Online Meetup to show people how to use it
    • Can also blog and document on
    • Add more plugins, including more complicated plugins
    • After the meetup, consider adding core
      • Needs more time, need to assure that we don’t do harm
      • Guide pull request submitters to submit through Crowdin
      • Guide pull request reviewers to first review in Crowdin
        • GitHub pull requests won’t be submitted until the translation is approved in Crowdin
        • May want to use a label in core PR that notes the PR had already been reviewed in Crowdin