Documentation office hours - Apr 14, 2022



Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault), Elizabeth Okaome, Peace Okafor, Catherine Kiiru


  • News
    • Proposal to delay LTS baseline selection and release by 2 weeks
    • Discussed in UX SIG, mentioned in the developer list
  • Using Crowdin Enterprise for localization - Alex
    • Mark has contacted Crowdin and has registered the Jenkins project
    • Ready to register (Alex provide coaching)
    • Created the project, waiting for Crowdin to approve
  • Jenkins LTS 2.332.3 changelog and upgrade guide
    • Mark volunteered the Docs SIG to create the changelog and upgrade guide
    • Looks like a simple release, not much to write for changelog
    • No content for the upgrade guide