User Experience SIG - Apr 27, 2022


User Experience Special Interest Group April 27, 2022

  • 01:17 - June LTS baseline selection
  • 12:00 - Translating Jenkins for a better localized experience

Wadeck Follonier (@wfollonier ). Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite ), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault) , Cristina Pizzagalli, Adrien Lecharpentier (@alecharp), Jake Leon (@jakeleon)


  • Preparing for June LTS
    • LTS baseline selection delay
      • Schedule would have selected last Wednesday, Apr 20, 2022
      • Tim started a thread proposing to choose 2.344 or 2.345
        • Mark’s question was can we wait one more week
      • Multiple fixes in 2.344 that resolve issues in 2.332.x and in 2.34x releases
      • 2 weeks or 4 weeks for regression fixes
    • See email thread started today
      • Continue discussion in the email thread
    • Release officer (Tim Jacomb) needs to approve the proposal
      • Release schedules are his to approve
    • If calendar cycles are important
      • Could release 2.332.4 in June
      • Could release 2.35X.1 in July, .2 in August, Sep uses a new baseline
  • Other UI improvements
    • No change since last session
    • Script security approval UI improvement in JENKINS-62448
      • PR-300 has merge conflicts and blocking comments from Jeff Thompson and Daniel Beck
      • Default to not merge unless someone restarts conversation on the PR, resolves conflicts, and persuades that it should be merged
      • Not working on that effort, can drop it from the next agenda
  • UI improvements
    • New login screen in 2.345
  • Localization and Crowdin Enterprise - Alex Brandes
    • Authentication is currently using an authentication token similar to the secrets and workflows that is similar used by JEP-229 / CD
    • So long as we use submitted pull requests from Crowdin, no additional security review required
    • How do we authenticate users to Crowdin?
      • Recommendation - use GitHub OAuth2 like elsewhere
        • Avoid Jenkins LDAP, don’t want a connection between Jenkins LDAP and the GitHub auth