User Experience SIG - Apr 13, 2022


User Experience Special Interest Group April 13, 2022.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:13 Delaying LTS baseline selection by 2 weeks or 4 weeks
  • 21:20 Script security UI improvements
  • 24:57 Delay new feature merges short term in favor of resolving regressions

Wadeck Follonier (@wfollonier ). Mark Waite (@MarkEWaite ), Alexander Brandes (@NotMyFault) , Cristina Pizzagalli, Basil Crow (@bcrow), Adrien Lecharpentier (@alecharp), Jake Leon (@jleon), Kevin Martens (@kmartens27)


  • Delay LTS selection by 2 weeks or 4 weeks for regression fixes - Mark Waite
    • See email thread started today
      • Continue discussion in the email thread
    • Agreed in the meeting that we want to choose a weekly that has a low regression count, postponing the LTS selection allows us time to fix regressions
    • Assuming delay applied to all releases this year
      • Postponing both the LTS selection and the eventual LTS release date
      • Intentionally not compressing the LTS release schedule
    • Release officer (Tim Jacomb) needs to approve the proposal
      • Release schedules are his to approve
    • If calendar cycles are important
      • Could release 2.332.4 in June
      • Could release 2.35X.1 in July, .2 in August, Sep uses a new baseline
  • Other UI improvements
    • Script security approval UI improvement in JENKINS-62448
      • PR-300 has merge conflicts and blocking comments from Jeff Thompson and Daniel Beck
      • Default to not merge unless someone restarts conversation on the PR, resolves conflicts, and persuades that it should be merged
  • Shall we hold feature merges while we are stabilizing? - Wadeck
    • Prefer to delay new feature merges in favor of work on stabilization
    • Does not block new pull requests, just prefer to not merge them now
    • May want to expand further to make it more explicit that we do not introduce larger changes as we are approaching LTS selection (make the implicit behavior more explicit by documenting it)