Automatic Upgrade from 2.280 to 2.333

Novice here, never worked on Jenkins.
We have Jenkins container running on a Linux server and the Jenkins console is managed on the public IP of the server on port 8083 with multiple pipelines present.
Can Jenkins be automatically upgraded from web console (automatic upgrade option) without any additional server level steps needed (except backup)?
I’m fairly nervous about breaking something without knowing, so looking for helpful guidance here.

There is no UI to apply updates to the core Jenkins. You can update plugins though.

Can you do it? Sure find a way to run a job that updates Jenkins, but it a job has access to write to the Jenkins system it’s a pretty big security hole.

Is there a reason you don’t want to update via os?

Also note that 280 to 333 is a big jump, especially because they are both weeklies. If you don’t upgrade very often I recommend using the stable branch, which has less often and more tested release

Thank you for your response. I didn’t know that the upgrade cannot be solely done via console (thought that the automatic upgrade tab on web portal will do it all). If OS level steps are needed, is there any particular documentation that I can follow to perform that (sorry, novice here)?
Also, if the version gap is significant, then which particular version you’d recommend to go for?

There are upgrade guides to go between LTS versions - Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide

333 is last week Changelog
I wouldn’t try to go backwards to an LTS, so i’d wait for the next LTS which i think is late feb/early march type thing