Upgrade from 2.231 to 2.325

I am currently running Jenkins 2.231 and wanted to upgrade to 2.325. I do have plugins that need to be updated as well. What is the process for this? do i update to 2.325 first, or do i need to update the plugins first. Any insight will be great.


It has been better for me to upgrade plugins and then upgrade Jenkins, especially since plugin upgrades happen much more frequently than Jenkins core upgrades.

Unless it’s a typo, 231 to 325 is a big leap!

I’d recommend reading the LTS changelog and Upgrade Guide as there have been many breaking and substantial changes. It will give you a heads up in case things break.

While I trust @markewaite, I may be more paranoid (and I have less experience).

Always have a working backup! Preferably apply the changes to a diacardable backup first. I’d pick some key (ie:LTS baselines) as incremental points to climb thru should there be issues,

Each time, upgrade plugins wherever possible, upgrade war, upgrade plugins, validate, repeat.

That’s a very good point. Since your previous version was released almost two years ago, you should probably reconsider your decision to install Jenkins 2.325 and instead should install the 2.319.1 long term support release. Using a Jenkins weekly release like Jenkins 2.325 assumes that you are willing to update every week or two. Since you haven’t updated in almost two years, you should probably use the long term support releases that assume you update every month or two rather than every week or two.

I have very similar situation.
I want to upgrade from Short Time Support to Long Time.
How can I compare the releases? Where should I start from?
I have Jenkins 2.255.

Weekly / short term support changelog is - Changelog
LTS changelog is - LTS Changelog

The upgrade guide between LTS is Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide

You have kinda two options.

  1. I would recommend going to the closest LTS after your weekly, then doing each lts upgrade after that
  2. Spin up a new instance with the latest lts, latest plugins, then install your jobs ontop of that

#2 is better for long jumps because otherwise you’ll have to do each step in the upgrade guide.