Upgrade from 2.227.4 to 2.387.2

We are planning to upgrade from 2.227.4 to 2.387.2.
Please let us know what are the precautions we need to take care and is it possible to upgrade from 2.227.4 to 2.387.2.

Please suggest.

  • Read the Jenkins LTS Upgrade Guide and the LTS Changelog
  • First create a test instance and test there
  • update all plugins to latest version compatible with current version (might be hard as there is no longer an update site serving this old Jenkins version)
  • Consider doing several upgrades jumping from one LTS to the next and not doing one big jump
  • Take backups before starting the upgrade.
  • In the future regularly upgrade your Jenkins and plugins so you don’t need to do such big version jumps. This is also important from a security point of view