Upgrade steps for Jenkins from 2.387.x to 2.4410.x

Hi Team,
Our current Jenkins LTS v 2.387.x is installed using Jenkins installer on windows server hosted in Azure.

We are planning to upgrade to LTS v 2.4410.x. I have briefly indicated below steps for upgrade . Please let me know if these steps are suffice on conducting the upgrade.

Note: JDK 17.X being used for jenkins controller connectivity.

  1. Backup the $JENKINS_HOME on both Jenkins controller/agent. if required take latest image /snapshot of the current windows VM.
  2. Download the latest jenkins LTS v 2.4410.x (target Jenkins version) Jenkins.war file and other plugins compatible with the target Jenkins version
  3. Stop all active/running Jenkins jobs and disconnect slaves.
  4. Stop Jenkins service
  5. Backup and Remove the old jenkins.war file located at $JENKINS_HOME and replace it with the latest downloaded war file in step 2.
  6. Copy and replace all plugins downloaded in step 2 to $JENKINS_HOME\plugins
  7. Login to agent VM and update the Jenkins jnlp command/script to use latest remoting version:
    -url $JENKINS_URL -name $AGENT_NAME instead of -jnlpUrl …
  8. Start Jenkins service and agent
  9. Wait for Jenkins to launch.
    Login and Verify all existing functionalities running as before like plugins, builds, agent connectivity etc

Please let me know if I have missed anything to take note.
fyi, I have performed separate assessment on upgrade path and things to take note for upgrading from LTS 2.387.x to 2.4410.x.

Just need to confirm on the actual upgrade steps.


Read the patch notes from 2.387 to target… you’ll see a large list of changes. I made a punch list from that to determine what I needed to validate. Keep an eye on plugins used. Some plugins will be deprecated, so you might be able to deactivate them.

This took a long time to do thoroughly, but worth it in my opinion.
Also practice with a sandbox server, in my opinion is the best option too. Test the process, and some builds at the end

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Hi @mwp565733
Thanks a lot for your response. was on long leave hence unable to respond on time.
Understand on performing thorough pre-requisite checks.

Would like to confirm from you , if the upgrade steps 1 to 9, indicated are sufficient to perform the upgrade (provide all necessary plugins required are captured under step 2) ?


I would be inclined to say yes… the one caveat I would add to use the same method to upgrade as was done to install…

I wrote a blog post (Back of the Napkin Guide to Updating Jenkins, for the uninitiated) a few months ago detailing my experience… it’s not intended as a step by step; but I pulled in a lot of different resources to help you. Depending on the nuisances of each install, and the matrix of plugins, it is challenging to outline Exact step by steps.

I am always revisiting the plug in question, especially since I inherited the server after the passing of the administrator some years ago.

Best of luck; and I hope that the leave was beneficial

Yes, leave was quite beneficial.

Thanks a lot @mwp565733 for the honest suggestion.
Will go through the guide/link indicated.