Ambient occlusion is missing in unity3D

Subject: Ambient Occlusion Issue in Different Unity Build Processes


I am encountering an unexpected issue related to Ambient Occlusion (AO) during the build processes of a Unity project (version 2021.3.22f1, build platform: PC). Below is the detailed scenario:

  • Build Method 1: Employed a custom build script utilized in our Jenkins pipeline.
  • Build Method 2: Used Unity’s standard build process.

Both methods were executed and produced seemingly healthy builds when done locally. AO was appropriately present in both scenarios. However, issues arise when utilizing the Jenkins host machine:

  • Jenkins Host Machine Builds: AO is unexpectedly absent when both build methods are tested on the Jenkins host machine, despite previous successful outputs with AO in the last months.

Notably, we do not implement a clean build method in Unity3D.

Your insights into this sudden AO discrepancy across build methods and environments would be highly valuable.

Thank you for your assistance!