Jenkins Contributor Summit follow up question

I read the slide deck of Jenkins Contributor Summit.
There is a few point I’m curious about. Hope you could help with it.

  • Jenkins HA:

    • Is it in development or already released?
    • If it’s in development. Where can I see the progress?
    • If it’s already released. Where can I find the document for setup?
  • Blue ocean removal:

    • There is a slide only have the title “Remove Blue Ocean”. But I can not find any detailed infomation about it. Could you help to walk me throught? Why it will get removed? What is alternative for Blue Ocean?
  • Finnal point: Where can I find the record video of the summit? I searched on Youtube but there is nothing to show.

Hope you could help with this. Thank you in advance!

High availability has been added to the CloudBees CI product that is based on Jenkins. It is not available for Jenkins and is not planned to be available for Jenkins. More information is available on the CloudBees product web site.

The Jenkins user handbook includes a Blue Ocean chapter. Each of the pages in that chapter include text that describes the current state of Blue Ocean. It says:

Blue Ocean status

Blue Ocean will not receive further functionality updates. Blue Ocean will continue to provide easy-to-use Pipeline visualization, but it will not be enhanced further. It will only receive selective updates for significant security issues or functional defects.

Alternative options for Pipeline visualization, such as the Pipeline: Stage View and Pipeline Graph View plugins, are available and offer some of the same functionality. While not complete replacements for Blue Ocean, contributions are encouraged from the community for continued development of these plugins.

The Pipeline syntax snippet generator assists users as they define Pipeline steps with their arguments. It is the preferred tool for Jenkins Pipeline creation, as it provides online help for the Pipeline steps available in your Jenkins controller. It uses the plugins installed on your Jenkins controller to generate the Pipeline syntax. Refer to the Pipeline steps reference page for information on all available Pipeline steps.

The Blue Ocean discussions at the Contributor Summit were very productive. Damien and Alex showed some items that were missing and Tim Jacomb identified ways they could be implemented or were already implemented in the Pipeline Graph View plugin. I’ve removed Blue Ocean from my Jenkins installation and am using Pipeline Graph View as its replacement. Both are installed on, so you can compare them side by side.

No video was created for the summit. We focused on face to face interactions and working together and didn’t assign or hire a videographer for the event. The slides and the summary blog post provide the best record of the event.

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Thank you for the infomation