Thinking about Blue Ocean

Hi, we are running jobs with parallel stages and it is inconvenient that the output is interleaved. I understand that the Blue Ocean plugin separates the output for each parallel task, which sounds very useful.

However, my understanding is that Blue Ocean is deprecated or, at least, that development has stopped.

What is the current status of Blue Ocean and what is the current recommended way of deleaving parallel output?

I replaced Blue Ocean with Pipeline Graph View in my Jenkins installation 9 months ago. It has been great as a replacement for the parts of Blue Ocean that I use the most. I use it for Pipeline visualization and to review Pipeline logs.

Pipeline graph view has been shown in the Jenkins UX SIG meetings, including:

The Blue Ocean status is described in the Blue Ocean documentation as:

Blue Ocean status

Blue Ocean will not receive further functionality updates. Blue Ocean will continue to provide easy-to-use Pipeline visualization, but it will not be enhanced further. It will only receive selective updates for significant security issues or functional defects.

Alternative options for Pipeline visualization, such as the Pipeline: Stage View and Pipeline Graph View plugins, are available and offer some of the same functionality. While not complete replacements for Blue Ocean, contributions are encouraged from the community for continued development of these plugins.

The Pipeline syntax snippet generator assists users as they define Pipeline steps with their arguments. It is the preferred tool for Jenkins Pipeline creation, as it provides online help for the Pipeline steps available in your Jenkins controller. It uses the plugins installed on your Jenkins controller to generate the Pipeline syntax. Refer to the Pipeline steps reference page for information on all available Pipeline steps.

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