Why does the Blue Ocean interface show more builds than the older iterface?

We use multibranch pipeline.

In Blue Ocean, when i filter by a branch I see 35 builds, and a Show more button that I can click and see a lot more builds.

In the old interface, If I click on my project, then a branch, I only see 10 builds. No Show More button. I think(?) those 10 builds are the builds that have happened since I rebooted the jenkins machine.

Is there any way to see more builds using the older interface?

why? Because someone implemented it that way. I want to point out that blueocean is effectively dead, nobody works on it (except for security issues) anymore.

As for “only seeing 10 builds” where are you seeing that? Like what does it mean

This is the path I get when I click on a branch.


It shows a list of builds. It doens’t show the full history and doesn’t appear to have a way to see them. Was just curious if they’re hidden away somewhere if I wanted to look at yesterday’s or last week’s builds.

For example, today I changed Jenksinfile. Only one build has happened since I did that, and I only see that one build. I’m now apparently locked out of seeing any older history.