Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - 2024 01 11

Attendees: AT, Bruno Verachten, Mark Wait, Jean-Marc Meessen, Kevin Martens, Akash, Kris Stern.

Action items:

  • Recruit GSoC mentors [all] [WIP]
  • FOSDEM logistics [AT & JMM] [WIP]


  • GSoC 2024
  • Change Twitter to X on (bottom of page)
    • AI: X/Twitter or X (formerly Twitter) [KM]
  • FOSDEM’24:
    • Stand: We’re on the first floor of building K this year.
      • stickers/tshirt are with JMM
      • MW will be keeper of tshirt sales proceeds. Proceeds to go to Crowdfunding
    • Contributor summit. Discuss agenda/format
      • JMM proposed format: start @ 10am (this is when the venue opens), review officer update,forward outlook vs backward of what’s been done. Interview format. There’s suggestion to have more beefy, technical sessions
      • MW:
        • Like the idea to charter officers look forward rather than backwards.
        • Blue Ocean deprecation, UI/UX looks like important topics for the project. Less time on officer update could be replaced with group coding exercises at the end of the day, even 15 min could be valuable.
        • Because most contributors will be there, we could be flexible on the day of event, we quickly cover the updates quickly and could get to the meaty part - focus on the significant and relevant topics. Very quickly.
      • JMM: My planning will allow some improvisation depending on what topic we capture
      • MW: that’s a good assumption and a correct plan for us that we will adapt the agenda as necessary while we’re there.
      • AT: if we get a sign up list in advance we’ll have somewhat an idea who’ll largely be in attendance. If the majority of folks are heavy contributors may be a good indication more time could be spent on meaty, technical collabs.