Advocacy & Outreach SIG Meeting - November 30, 2023

Attendees: AT, Kris Stern, Bruno Verachten, JMM, Kevin Martens, Mark Waite

Action items:

  • Recruit mentors [all]

  • FOSDEM logistics [AT & JMM]

  • Bring up webpages: Contributor, Success Stories, Plugin w/ Documentation [KM]

  • Set up GSoC JOM - Dec 20 [AT]


  • Contributor spotlight project - page is live!
    • Thank you again Kris, Kevin, Herve, Cristina & JMM
    • This page (along w/ Success Stories, Plugin) could not be linked to home ( - Kevin will take this topic to Documentation SIG to address.
  • Contributor summit @ FOSDEM
  • GSoC 2024
    • Need a focused effort to attract mentors
      • Call for mentor blog post - AT to create PR
      • AT - solicit via CDF Slack, X/LI
    • Schedule online meetup for prospects: Dec 20
      • Need more mentors join the JOM
      • AT: to initiate deck
    • Project ideas - list looks good we need to focus on recruiting mentors
      • Potential mentors: Herve, Harsh
  • Holiday tweet images:
    • Attendees felt images are neutral enough to be used from Jenkins X/LI

What does this mean? Why can it not be done?

Hi Gavin,

Sorry I didn’t see this until now. I’m sure this can be done, when we went over the Contributor Spotlight page and I wanted to go to (top left corner) it doesn’t link to Kris Stern has created a PR for this. Hope that helps.