2nd brainstorm about “Plugin Health Score” project idea

We will hold the second brainstorm session on Thursday April 7 at 14:30 UTC (10:30pm CST (China), 8:00pm IST (India), 16:30 CEST (Europe), 10:30am Eastern (US), 08:30am Mountain (US)), right after the EMEA GSoC Office Hour.
It will keep the GSoC EMEA Office Hour zoom channel: Launch Meeting - Zoom

We will update the Jenkins Event Calendar in the coming hours.

The supporting document is : Brainstorm: “Plugin Health Score” - Google Docs . Feel free to add your questions, doubts, and discussion topics to the document. This will help to efficiently prepare for the brainstorm.

/- Jmm

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This event is now on the Jenkins Event calendar https://www.jenkins.io/events/

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