First draft proposals published

Hello fellow @gsoc-mentors

GSoC 2022 potential contributors are actively working on their proposals. Three have been already published for review:

I encourage you to review these documents and kindly provide feedback to the candidates. Every advice is useful and will be welcomed, even if the proposal is not in your domain of expertise. Good and readable proposals will make our evaluation work easier and more efficient.

We are organising a one-hour workshop about “plugin health score” on Thursday March 31 at 14:00 UTC (10pm CST (China), 7:30pm IST (India), 16:00 CEST (Europe), 10am Eastern (US), 08am Mountain (US)). Anyone concerned or interested can join. Details will be published on Gitter and

/- Jmm
for the Org Admin Team

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Thank you @JMM for sending this out

Hi @Jmm @MarkEWaite
Will there be an official meeting set up for the “Plugin Health Score” Discussion? Asking because having it on the calendar would probably help folks (like me).

Hello @kuro

Good point.

I confirm that we will hold a brainstorm session about “Plugin Health Score” tomorrow March 31 at 2pm UTC. I will see if we can add this quickly to the Jenkins Event Calendar. Anyway, I will do some noise on the channels (Gitter and Community) to be sure that it doesn’t get under the radars screens.

/- Jmm

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FYI @kuro, the “Plugin Health Score” brainstorm is now in the Jenkins Event Calendar (thanks @alyssat).

Note that the next brainstorming session on the “Git cache automatic maintenance” project idea is also announced in the calendar.

We will now take care to have such events marked in the Jenkins Event Calendar.

/- Jmm

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Yes, I can them on my calendar.
Thank you so much @Jmm