Jenkins GSoC 2022 Office Hour - March 10, 2022

Jenkins GSoC 2022 Office Hour - March 10, 2022

(EMEA edition, 14:00 UTC)



  • Jenkins officially accepted as a GSoC 2022 Mentoring Organization.

Q&A time

  • Questions from potential GSoC contributors (feel free to add your questions via comments prior to the meeting)
    • Q: Is it still possible to bring new project ideas to the GSoC? (posed by Martin)
    • Q: Some doubt about the automatic git cache project idea regarding the architecture and toolchain (posed by Hrushikesh)
      • A: Trick is to use foundational git commands to recreate the effects of git maintenance features, even though git maintenance cannot be directly utilized (suggested by Mark)
      • A: Make the new functionality configurable / version-specific (suggested by Martin)
    • Q: Any suggestions on background readings/documentation/materials/etc. as a starting point for the automatic git cache project idea? (posed by Hrushikesh)
      • A: Use debugger to go through the codebase (suggested by Mark)
    • Q: About the scope of the Pipeline Step Documentation Generator project especially regarding the expected outcome (posed by Vihaan)
      • A: There are potential some weaknesses to the project idea (suggested by Mark)
      • A: If an idea for improvement can have the effect of influencing the rest of the Jenkins ecosystem would be much appreciated (suggested by Mark)
    • Q: About what are the Rest API referenced in Automatic Specification Generator for Jenkins Rest API (posed by Baru)
      • A: There is currently a lack of the formal description for people to consume the Rest APIs, so some work will need to be done to extract the definitions from it (suggested by Mark)
      • A: Expected contributor will be using Open API / Swagger as a tool (remarked by Mark)
      • A: It will not look exactly like current microservice API as Jenkins is a mature project (remarked by Mark)
    • Q: Is it okay to stray away / deviate from project as a GSoC contributor progress via the phases? (posed by Baru)
      • A: Yes, depends on the situation (suggested by Mark)
      • A: Take ownership of the project, come up with your own creative and positive ideas (suggested by JMM)
    • Q: Is there any other channel for communication with potential mentors than Gitter? (posed by Baru)
      • A: Yes, you should use Discourse at and share your GSoC proposal there to solicit advice and suggestions for improvements and work toward refining the proposal (suggested by JMM)
    • Q: Is it okay for contributors to adopt a plugin? (posed by Baru)
      • A: Should be encouraged (suggested by both JMM and Mark)
    • Other tips regarding setup of Jenkins instance locally

Upcoming due dates:


Your application proposal (subject postponed to next time by JMM)