Proposal: Git Automatic Cache Maintenance

Hello World! I am Hrushikesh, interested to work on the Git Automatic Cache Maintenance. Below is the link of my GSoC proposal. My GSoC proposal is not yet complete. I need to add the architecture of JGit along with it’s timeline. The timeline stated in the current proposal is not accurate but gives an overview of what I would be working on.

Would love to have feedback on this project proposal for GSoC.

Thank You.

Thank you and congratulations @Hrushi20 for making your draft proposal available for review. :+1:

I will encourage the community to look at it and review it.

/- Jmm

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Hello @Hrushi20

Thank you for sharing your document. As you can see from my couple of comments, I read it with great interest. And I learned a couple of things on Git as it is not my speciality.

I have a general comment on your proposal: try to make the structure clear (section, subsections). Try to export your document in PDF and look at it a “helicopter view”. Are the parts/components clearly identifiable? Not critical at this early stage but it will make the task of the final reviewers easier.

/- Jmm

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Thanks @Jmm.
I’ll work on my proposal. I realized there is no proper structure in my proposal i.e identification of sections and subsections. Also I didn’t know the jenkins wiki is deprecated. Is website not used anymore? I’ll update my proposal and get back to you with a stronger proposal :smile:

Ref wiki jenkins
Indeed a couple of years ago, the Jenkins community decided to move away from the confluence wiki and use an SCM based system. Thus we use a static generated site for and the plugin documentation is based on the plugin’s README.

We keep a frozen wiki snapshot for historical and migration reasons.

So documentation “produced” by your project could be plugin specific (stored/referenced in the README) and/or a more general purpose documentation (How-To style) in The strategies and details can be discussed with the mentor.
For completeness, while accessible via, the plugin index/documentation is generally considered a separate documentation sub-system.

Hope that this clarifies the documentation part.

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Hello! I will be very happy to receive comments about my proposal.

@EmineSener Since the deadline is literally a few hours from now, if I were you I’d directly upload my proposal to Jenkins via GSoC’s site, and not wait for any review comments at this moment.