WorkAdventure, Rambly or equivalent for Jenkins Events?

NOTE: This started as a WorkAdventure proposal, but then evolved into a wider discussion

Hi all, I am looking for an after party solution for the Jenkins contributor summit. I think it would be nice to use WorkAdventure - a virtual office space or conference venue. It is widely used for various events including community conferences and meetups. It does not replace the Zoom platform we need for the conference itself, but it can be used as a virtual conference space.

Example, see more examples in the bottom:

Should we consider WorkAdventure?

I would appreciate feedback from others:

  • +1 for using WorkAdventure, explore sponsorship options
  • -1 for using WorkAdventure
  • No opinion
  • Other (see comments)

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AFAICT, we are most likely eligible to request the Free tier for Open Source projects. Pricing: Pricing . Free tier requirements checklist:

  • :white_check_mark: Your project meets the Open Source definition
  • :white_check_mark: Your project is at least 3 months old
  • :white_check_mark: Your project is actively and regularly developed
  • :white_check_mark: You are the project lead or an active committer
  • :question: Your project is NOT sponsored by a commercial company or organization
  • :white_check_mark: Your project does NOT have paid employees
  • :white_check_mark: Your project does NOT provide commercial services (such as consulting or training) around the software, and does NOT distribute paid versions of the software

So the question is how we interpret “Your project is NOT sponsored by a commercial company or organization”. We have multiple companies donating cloud/managed services and computing credits. We’ve had companies donating money through LFX Crowdfunding. But we have no companies which would regularly sponsor us with money.


seattlejs just announced they are going to use for their next social night. I havn’t tried it yet, but sounds cool

Hi @halkeye . When will this night happen? Any insights will be useful.

Regarding WorkAdventure, I think there is no harm in asking so that we know potential terms and conditions for the Jenkins community. Maybe a short-term trial is what we need. A single-event room for 100 participants costs 400USD. It is feasible for contributor summit events if we get event sponsorship, but we firstly need to evaluate the core features we need. I have only user experience ATM.

FTR Maybe we could also consider self-hosted instances in this case. We do not really need to persist data or to keep it running all the time, so it should be quite easy do deploy. Officially there is only docker-compose file, but there is a Helm Chart PR in WIP: Feat/helm chart by gmoirod · Pull Request #652 · thecodingmachine/workadventure · GitHub

July 8th.
I don’t really do online conferences, so i didn’t give it a lot of thought but i think thats too late for at least the contributors summit. But maybe something you could see it in action for future events.

I have tested locally this morning. It looks really good and it is very easy to use. I really liked its simplicity, graphics, and overall UX in a two-player mode. I see no problem with it being a voice-only service. I think this is something we could try on Friday or at the next contributor summit if the rest of the team prefers it instead of WorkAdventure and other more heavy services. My only concern is scalability of the service, needs to be tested. Thanks to @halkeye for the tip!

Created for those who wants to try it out. Rambly - The Audioconference App To Walk And Talk With Friends.

Quick updates:


  • We hosted the Jenkins Contributor Summit afterparty in Rambly! We had 10 participants there. It worked good overall, though issues with echo and with mobile UI were reported. We asked everyone to share feedback with the maintainer (
  • My overall impression is that we can use Rambly for small events and afterparties. I am not sure it scales well, but up to 20 people should be fine. Lack of the video feed is imho a feature, not a bug
  • We’ve got an offer from to create a custom map for the Jenkins community. IMHO it is something to consider if we want to keep using Rambly from time to time. I would like to discuss it first with @halkeye and the team, agree on whether we would commit to use it, and prepare some ideas for David
  • Mandatory (and failed) group photo:


  • We got a trial for this platform, thanks to TheCodingMachine!
  • We spent some time exploring the platform, but we were unable to prepare it for the contributor summit. It is lack of time, not a technical issue or whatever
  • @MarkEWaite will be leading further evaluation
  • We might run a small social event on Monday in the EMEA/Americas timezone. Just a contributor huddle, with no agenda or extra preptime. I will announce it in if I have time

Throwing this out there, though its a little off topic now. Work’s conference today has setup a virtual photo booth for the conference for people to particiate with using Virtual Photo Booth: Online Photo Booth For Events

it seems to work pretty well.

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@halkeye This is very coooool, especially the digital props like sunglasses, headphones which made me look better :ok_hand:

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I’d guess we want to revisit this discussion for the Oct 02 contributor summit. @MarkEWaite @halkeye I would suggest trying out WorkAdventure this time if no opposition. We negotiated sponsorship with them for the previous event, and it would be unfair if we did not follow up with them for one of the events.

No opposition from me.

I’m not well enough versed in tools like WorkAdventure. I don’t think that I’ll be able to help with coordination of a WorkAdventure connection with the Contributor Summit. I made such a mess of it last time that I’d rather focus on other areas where I have experience and can help.